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BCC Products, Inc. Has Been Acquired by Polytek® Development Corp.

At BCC Products, Inc. we are dedicated to meeting your toughest tooling demands by offering superior innovative plastic compounds, along with the unique ability to custom formulate polymer systems for specific applications. BCC offers a choice of epoxy-formulated systems; urethane reproduction plastics and silicone mold-making compounds; polyester repair materials and modeling tooling CNC boards/planks. Well equipped to offer complete product solutions, BCC is the single source for all your tooling needs.

BCC Products has been one of the most respected suppliers in the plastics industry for over 30 years, specializing in the automotive, aerospace, foundry, and marine industries. We provide well-known and well-respected products, including Proto-Kast, Kwik-Kast, Lik-Wood, Metal-Kast, and Slo-Kast.

At BCC we understand the importance of commitment to customer satisfaction, and we strive to meet YOUR need for timeliness, quality, and value. We offer technical assistance to support our customers in their use of our products.

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