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BCC Products, Inc./Blehm Plastics Announces High-Temp Epoxy Tooling Board

BCC Products, Inc./Blehm Plastics announces our newly developed tooling board for the composites industries: EB6200, a high-temperature epoxy tooling board.

The combined BCC/Blehm has been a leader in innovative performance products for over 80 years, and the EB6200 is no exception. Built to the exacting standards of all BCC/Blehm products, the new EB6200 high-temperature tooling board is ideal for those using prepreg in the construction of tools for composite parts. After extensive testing, the EB6200 board has shown few effects even at a temperature of 325°F.

The EB6200, available in 2, 4, and 6 inch x 24” x 60” has been developed to meet the needs of those in the aerospace, motorsport, and automotive industries. The material has excellent aspect and cutting performance; shaving it creates only a little dust, which saves on cutting tools and post-cutting cleanup.

With a shore hardness of 70D and a density of 47lb/ft3, the EB6200 is becoming the favorite among epoxy board users.

Density (lbs/ft3; g/cm3): 47/0.76
Hardness: 72D
Heat Deflection (°F): 300
Glass Transition (Tg °F): >325
CTE (in/in/°F): 2.1 x 10-5
Color: Brown
Sizes: 2″, 4″ , 6″ x 24″ x 60″

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