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BCC Products, Inc./Blehm Plastics Announces New 50ml Cartridge for Five-minute Epoxy Adhesive

BCC Products, Inc/Blehm Plastics, maker of one of the very first five-minute epoxy adhesives (BP9024), announces new 50ml dual-chamber cartridge packaging. This new packaging allows for fast, easy dispensing using a standard cartridge gun. BP9024 has been a top-selling epoxy adhesive for over 50 years; it is used in golf club bonding and general purpose bonding of multiple substrates.

BCC/Blehm’s BP9024 has been used by professionals in every industry from automotive and aerospace to foundry and marine—and many more. Now, with the new 50ml packaging, you can more easily control dispensing, leaving a good bead for bonding. BP9024 50ml cartridges are available in cases of 45 cartridges.

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