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May 2015 Newsletter

In 1974, BCC Products Inc. was founded in Holt, Michigan, with a mission to provide the specialty chemical industry with top-notch service and products. As our company grows, it is important to us to stay in close, personal contact with our loyal clientele. To this end, we are sending out a monthly letter to you, our valued customers, keeping you up-to-date with new information about products and events at BCC Products Inc.

In the last three years, BCC Products Inc. has had a major growth spurt in our technical and sales force, as we have added expertise in urethanes and epoxies to our ever-growing list of proficiencies. The main focus of this newsletter will be to introduce you to these new, rapidly developing materials.

Epoxy Infusion Resins

Full Carbon plate 5500

BCC Products Infusion Resins are a growing family of materials for the production of composite parts or tooling. They are particularly effective when using an infusion process such as vacuum-assisted resin transfer molding (RTM) or other infusion processes. These are the first three products i

n the infusion resin series. BC5500 is a very low-viscosity toughened system. BC5502 is a 60-minute low-viscosity RT toughened infusion system and BC5503 is an intermediate to high temperature low-viscosity toughened infusion system.

Urethane Room Temperature
Cast Elastomer


BCC Products manufactures a wide variety of cast elastomers for many specific markets. The BX SERIES of urethanes are formulated to stand up to the harsh conditions seen in the concrete construction market, whether casting large blocks, walls, or stone veneer molds. BX31, BX41, BX51, BX71 and other BX products can handle the toughest environments on Earth.

Polyurethane Pour in
Place Foam


BCC Products now has a new family of two-component, easy-to-use, room temperature mixing and curing foam systems. These pour in place rigid foams are great general purpose foams for molding and casting of various applications, like architectural effects, taxidermy, and many other industrial and crafting applications. These products are just the beginning of our offerings in rigid and flexible foams. BC8104 (4pcf.), BC8108 (8pcf.), BC8110 (10pcf.)

Release Agents and
Parting Waxes

BC 1000

BCC Products has just introduced BC1000, a new silicone-based release agent. BC 1000 exhibits good release characteristics in both elevated and room temperature application for urethane and epoxy molding, and is available in both bulk and
aerosol packaging.

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