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June 2015 Newsletter

In 1974, BCC Products Inc. was founded in Holt, Michigan, with a mission to provide the specialty chemical industry with top-notch service and products. As our company grows, it is important to us to stay in close, personal contact with our loyal clientele. To this end, we are sending out a monthly letter to you, our valued customers, keeping you up-to-date with new information about products and events at BCC Products Inc.

In the last three years, BCC Products Inc. has had a major growth spurt in our technical and sales force, as we have added expertise in urethanes and epoxies to our ever-growing list of proficiencies. The main focus of this newsletter will be to introduce you to these new, rapidly developing materials.

canstockphoto4699663High Performance PTMEG Series

BCC Products has a new family of high performance two-component MDI elastomers. When processed and cured at elevated temperatures, this system can give you the performance of a standard hot-cast prepolymer system without the use of curatives like Mboca. The PTMEG series, when used with BC8590A isocyante, cures to a range of hardness from 60-95 Shore A, giving mechanical testing values far above standard room temperature systems.

Misc3LGcroppedHigh Wear Urethane Room Temperature Cast Elastomers

BCC Products has a multitude of high wear materials. Whether you are looking for foundry application, sandblasting cabinets, or vibratory tubs, we have a material that will meet and exceed your needs. BC 709 and BC 809 are TDI systems designed to be used when curing at ambient temperatures, and a high level of mechanical properties are required.

smallvibbowlcroppedGeneral Cast MDI Elastomers

The BC 8500 series is a family of two-component, easy-to-use, room temperature mixing and curing MDI systems. With a range from 65-95 Shore A and a pot life of around eight minutes, it is an ideal system for casting general parts, seals, or any other widgets you may need.

Release Agents and
Parting Waxes

BC 1000

BCC Products has just introduced BC 1000, a new silicone-based release agent. BC 1000 exhibits good release characteristics in both elevated and room temperature application for urethane and epoxy molding, and is available in both bulk and aerosol packaging.

At BCC Products, we recognize our customers are the reason we are here. Do you need help with one of our products? We are always available to offer you our technical assistance and support. In addition, if there is a product you need, contact us, and we can make it! We produce custom formulations every year for our clients, so your solution is just a phone call away.

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