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Toll Manufacturing

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At times every company needs a little help in manufacturing to ensure it meets the needs of its customers. BCC Products has been in business for over 30 years, and we have been assisting other companies with toll manufacturing for over 10 years. The BCC manufacturing facilities are ideally suited for the specific needs of manufacturing products as light as grams to as heavy as tons. Our state-of-art equipment allows us to facilitate a wide range of multi-step processes.

Our manufacturing area consists of 30,000 square feet, and we are in the process of adding on another 20,000 square feet to handle the toll-manufacturing and specialty formulation processes we offer. Our equipment is arranged to allow functional groupings of products and resin development. The BCC staff of experts handle all kinds of chemistries and products. Over our 30 years of manufacturing, we have developed a best-practice approach to health, safety, and security concerns.

Our customers range from high-tech start-ups with no manufacturing capability to some of the best-known chemical companies in the world. To protect the intellectual property of our customers, we always have confidentiality agreements in place.

Toll manufacturing project pricing depends, of course, on the scope and nature of the required work; however, options include time, materials required, fixed fee, or dollar per unit.


Toll Manufacturing Equipment Capabilities

Quality Control Capabilities

8 – 350 open-top mixing vessels4 – 30hp hi-speed dispersers

2 – 430-gallon reactors available with heat, cooling, and vacuum functions

1 – 700-gallon reactor available with heat, cooling, and vacuum functions

1 – 1,000-gallon reactor available with heat, cooling, and vacuum functions

1 – 1,200 gallon hi-viscosity mixers available with heat, cooling, and vacuum functions

2 – Sigma blade mixers

2 – Ball mills

1 – Ribbon blender

Dispensing capabilities range from a half-pint to 300-gallon totes

Viscosity testing (RVT, HAT, LVT)Gel time

Hegman grind

Thix index

Sag resistance

Heat distortion


Tensile strength and modulus

Flexural strength and modulus

Compressive strength and modulus



IZOD impact


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