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BC 8321Three Component Variable Durometer 10-20 Shore A

BC8321 is used to make soft molds of detailed masters that contain deep undercuts. Some of the most common uses are concrete formliners and to make molds for point-of-purchase displays, rapid prototypes, special effects, taxidermy, and sculpture reproductions.BC8321 Softener Part C can be used to reduce the hardness below 10A.

Product Features:

The following table lists the general properties of BC8321 after it has cured.

Property Cured Product

Part A + Part B                                             Standard mix + 50 pbw Part C *

Color Dark                      Purple                                           Dark Purple

Elongation, %                 >1000                                           >1000

Shore Hardness              ~A19                                            ~A14

Tear, Die C, PLI               70                                                60

Tear, Split, PLI                 14                                                14

Ultimate Tensile, PSI      260                                             150

*100 parts Part A, 98 parts Part B and 50 parts Part C.

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