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BC5009 Epoxy Adhesive and Laminating Resin

BC5009 is a very low viscosity, modified, unfilled room-temperature curing epoxy system with high-performance capabilities. Built for companies needing a 30-minute pot-life and an easily applied adhesive for bonding items like tooling/modeling boards and mid-to-large epoxy parts, as well as in other typical bonding environments, the BC5009 epoxy system will perform to your expectations. BC5009 is easy to mix, easy to apply by brush or trowel, and has excellent adhesion to most tooling materials and applications. Although this clear-amber epoxy adhesive is especially formulated for the bonding of wood and urethane model board, it may also be used as a laminating resin.

The BC50009 system has the added advantage of being a color-indicated system that visually shows the mix ratio. When mixed to the proper ratio, the green hardener and amber resin  cure to light translucent amber, promoting  fast and efficient mixing, with no time wasted over-mixing.

Product Features:

Mix ratio: 100:25 by wt.
Pot life: 30 minutes
Viscosity (Mixed)@ 75°F: 2,100cps
Cure schedule: 16 hours
Color: Translucent Amber
Hardness (shore D): 80
HDT (°F): 160

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