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PolyPoxy® 6126 Epoxy Surface Coat

PolyPoxy® 6126 is a gray, low-toxicity, aluminum-filled, epoxy surface coat that provides excellent surface duplication, along with vertical coverage to 1/16″ thickness. This thixotropic heat-resistant resin system may generally be used at room temperature without post-curing; however, for use above 150°F, a post-cure is required. PolyPoxy® 6126 can be consistently used to 300°F. It was engineered to replace VCHD and MDA systems while retaining excellent heat resistance.

PolyPoxy® 6126 was developed for:

  • Constructing vacuum form tools
  •  RTM and RIM molds
  • Compression and injection molds
  • Matched dies

Product Features:

Mix ratio: 100:10 by wt.
Mix ratio: 100:15 by vol.
Pot life: 45 minutes
Viscosity (Mixed)@ 77°F: Thixotropic paste
Cure schedule: See Tech Datasheet
Color: Gray

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