BC6128 Epoxy Surface Coat

BC6128 is a black, non-staining, silicon-carbide filled, “die surface,” surfacing resin. This thixotropic resin system provides excellent surface duplication, along with good vertical coverage. It provides extended mold life due to superior wear resistance and hardness. This heat-resistant resin system may generally be used at room temperature without post-curing; however, for use above 150°F, a post-cure is required. BC6128 can be consistently used to 300°F. Does not contain VCHD or MDA.

BC6128 is designed for use in:

  • RTM and RIM molds
  • Constructing vacuum form tools
  • Injection and compression molds
  • Matched dies


Product Features:

Mix ratio: 100:7 by wt.
Mix ratio: 100:13 by vol.
Pot life: 35–45 minutes
Viscosity (Mixed)@ 75°F: Thixotropic paste
Cure schedule: See Tech Datasheet
Color: Black

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