BC7062/BC7062-2 Casting Epoxy System

The BC7062 family of mass casting resins are aluminum filled, low viscosity epoxy. Without foaming or yielding excessive shrinkage, the BC7062-2 room-temperature cure system allows the user to choose thickness of 1/8 inch minimum to a maximum of 2 inches. Casting thicknesses may be increased by incorporating aluminum needles, puffs, or granules. BC 7062, when properly cured, provides nearly perfect reproduction, resulting in a hard, tough, dimensionally stable surface. It is used in constructing duplicate models, prototypes, patterns, facing dies, etc.

Product Features:

Mix ratio: 9:1 by wt.
Mix ratio: 4.6:1 by vol.
Pot life: 2 hours
Viscosity (Mixed) @ 75°F: 7,000 cps
Cure schedule: See Tech Datasheet
Casting thickness: 3/4″ – 2″
Color: Aluminum
Demold time (hours): 24–30 hours

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