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BC8007 Lik-Wood

BC8007 Lik-Wood is a low-viscosity, quick-setting, easy-to-use casting material. A model or tool cast from Lik-Wood will weigh 60% less than other filled urethane systems. Within 30 minutes after mixing and pouring, Lik-Wood is ready to be carved, sanded, filed, tapped etc. Its amazing wood-like characteristics make it ideal for lightweight backing of laminates and/or surface coats. It’s perfect for fast take offs, cores, engineering changes, temporary molds, patterns, models, prototype,s and bases for die models.

NOTE: Lik-Wood BC8007-2 offers a longer pot life (8–10 minutes)

Product Features:

Mix ratio: 1:1 by wt.
Gel time: 5–6 minutes
Viscosity (Mixed)@ 75°F: 700–800 cps
Demold time: 1–2 hours
Color: Pine/Light yellow

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