BC8009 Slo-Kast

BC8009 Slo-Kast is a low-viscosity, medium-setting, easy-to-use casting material. When properly cured, this polyurethane system features extremely low shrinkage. Unlike Kwik-Kast, BC 8009 offers the user longer working time for filling large closed mold cavities. Slo-Kast is ideal for casting large sections without having to pour in stages. Its uses include tracing models, core boxes, keller aids, patterns, core sticks, vacuum form tools, prototypes, and display parts.

Product Features:

Mix ratio: 1:1 by wt.
Gel time (1lb. mass) @ 75°F: 14–18 minutes
Viscosity (Mixed) @ 75°F: 2,250 cps
Demold time: 3–4 hours (depending on wall thickness of casting)
Color: Black/Gray

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