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BC-8405 Urethane Elastomer

BC-8405 is an unfilled, low-viscosity, quick-setting, two-component urethane system. Its easy-to-use 1 to 1 mix ratio (Part A/Part B) offers the user a good working time: parts may be demolded in as few as 2 hours. When properly cured, BC-8405 will exhibit high impact strength and yield thermoplastic-like parts.

BC-8405 includes many outstanding features:

  • Mercury free
  • High impact strength
  • Moderate heat resistance
  • No objectionable odor
  • 1 to 1 mix ratio
  • Excellent finishing properties
  • Upon cure, turns white
  • Thermoplastic appearance
  • Longer mold life
  • More parts per day


Product Features:

Mix ratio: 100:100 by wt.
Mix ratio: 100:100 by vol.
Pot life: 15 minutes
Viscosity (Mixed): 190 cps
Demold time: 2–4 hours
Hardness (shore): 75D +3
Color: White

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