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BC-8860 Urethane Elastomer

BC-8860 is a low-viscosity, two-component urethane casting compound that is specifically formulated for high resistance to abrasion and impact. It is recommended for use in the production casting of highly wear-resistant parts and linings. BC-8860 is a safe, easy-to-handle, room-temperature mixing and curing system that does not contain TDI, MDI, or MOCA. Relatively insensitive to typical environmental moisture, BC-8860 will make good void-free parts without the problems that sometimes result from other conventional urethane systems.

Product Features:

Mix ratio: 100:60 by wt.
Pour Time: 15 minutes
Viscosity (Mixed): 1,400–1,500 cps
Demold time: 6–8 hours
Hardness (shore): 62D +2
Color: Available in Light Amber, Black and Red

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