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BC-8990 Urethane Elastomer

BC-8990 is a two-component urethane elastomer compound specifically designed for general purpose molding and casting of various shapes. This product is a safe, easy-to-handle, room-temperature mixing and curing system that contains no TDI, MDA or MOCA. BC-8990 may be used to provide abrasion-resistant liners, pads, and bumpers. The low shrinkage, low viscosity, superior toughness, and excellent detail reproduction makes this system ideal for general purpose castings and quality tooling operations. It may also be used in potting and encapsulating applications.

  • Excellent for molds for casting of concrete and plaster
  • Resists oil and moisture absorption
  • Room temperature cure
  • High tear strength and toughness
  • Hardness/durability comparable to high-grade vulcanized rubber

Product Features:

Mix ratio: 4:1 by wt.
Pot life: 25 minutes
Viscosity (Mixed): 3,600 cps
Demold time: 16–24 hours
Hardness (shore): 82–85A
Color: Amber

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