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BX-51 Urethane Elastomer

 BX-51 is a two-part polyurethane molding system. BX-51 is mixed 100:97 by weight (or 1 Part-A Iso to 1 Part-B Curative by volume) and cures at room temperature. BX-51 cures to a high hardness, Shore A 50 2, gray rubber. Ultimate properties are obtained after 3-4 days of room temperature cure. 

Product Features:


Preliminary Physical Properties

Split tear, pli (ASTM D470) 23

Die C Tear, pli (ASTM D624-C) 110

Tensile, psi (ASTM D412) 750

Elongation, % (ASTM D412) 650

Final Hardness, Shore A 50 +/- 2

Viscosity, Curative Side B, cPs 350

Viscosity, Iso Side A, cPs 1000

Pot Life, minutes 15-20



Mix time, pot life, gel time, cure time, and demold time vary depending on mass and component temperature. The table above explains the properties of BX-51 after it has thoroughly cured. Physical test data presented here are representative of typical values but are not material specifications.

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