EB6200 High-Temp Epoxy Tooling Board (“300°F Epoxy Board”)

BCC Products, Inc./Blehm Plastics announces our newly developed tooling board for the composites industries: EB6200, a high-temperature epoxy tooling board.

BCC and Blehm have been  leaders in innovative performance products for over 60 years, and the EB6200 is no exception. Built to the exacting standards of all BCC/Blehm products, the new EB6200 high-temperature tooling board is ideal for those using prepreg in the construction of tools for composite parts. After extensive testing, the EB6200 board has shown few effects even at a temperature of 300°F.

The EB6200, available in 2, 4, and 6 inch x 24” x 60” has been developed to meet the needs of those in the aerospace, motorsport, and automotive industries. The material has excellent aspect and cutting performance; shaving it creates only a little dust, which saves on cutting tools and post-cutting cleanup.

With a shore hardness of 65D and a density of 39lb/ft3, the EB6200 is becoming the favorite among epoxy board users.

Product Features:

Color                               Blue

Hardness                                                      Shore D 72 ASTM D-2240

Density                                                          g/cm 3 (lbs/ft3) 0.64 (40) ASTM D-792

Heat Deflection Temperature                  ºF 275 ASTM D-648

Glass Transition Temperature                 ºF >305 ASTM D-3418

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion          in/in/ºF 19.4 x 10 -6 TMA

                                                                        in/in/°C 35x 10 -6 TMA

Izod Impact, Notched (Un-notched)     ft-lbs/in 0.56 (1.05) ASTM D-256


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