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MB3500 Fixture Plank


BCC Products, Inc. is now part of Polytek® Development Corp.

Please find information on tooling and modeling board on Polytek’s website.


BCC Products, Inc., now part of Polytek Development Corp., has over 25 years of experience in the manufacture of high-quality tooling and modeling boards that are known for their machinability, finish, and durability.

Tooling & Modeling Boards are pre-fabricated, highly machinable, dimensionally stable block materials that assist engineers, model makers, mechanical designers, and prototype developers in meeting the demanding needs of the aerospace, automotive, modeling, and prototyping industries.

The Polytek®/BCC Product, Inc. portfolio includes varying densities (46 lb/ft³ to 100 lb/ft³) of urethanealuminum-filled urethane and epoxy board materials.

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